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The thing about sleeping with a member of a famous indie band is that the inevitability of having a song written about you is most likely a hundred percent. The second thing is that in the end, nobody’s supposed to find out it’s about you.

The one where Harry writes a song about his English love affair and Louis sleeps with someone in White Eskimo and all he gets is a stupid song written about him.

Anonymous: hate to bother u babe, but it would be sick if u could maybe link a few hl fics you've read lately that are good and well written? lots of love .xxx 


It’s no bother :) i would love to. The + means i really like them


Purer Than The Water (like we were)~Louis is a merman and Harry is a boy. The lake is a good place to fall in love.”Louis wants the boy to wade deeper, deep enough that Louis can go under and wrap his fingers around his ankles for just a moment. Pull him under. Just touch skin, for a second.”

in case of love at first sight~He stops with a skid in front of the red box, the stupid red box that contains the rose he longs to give the beautiful boy behind the counter.He looks around quickly for something to break the glass with, expecting to see a metal bar or something, but instead finds nothing. Louis laughs at himself again, and honestly, he can’t believe he’s doing this, but he bends down and unties his shoe anyway, looking around hastily before smashing the bottom of his shoe into the glass.

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+as he that sleeps here swim~Where harry is a ghost and louis is drama director. this is interesting, sweet and bitter at the same time. I love it…i love how the story flow and how lonely i feel when i read about Harry. i’m still not into ziam - but fully enjoying how sweet louis is. .

heroes of the orange skies~Louis likes bathroom walls and Sharpies, Harry likes metal, Zayn likes Liam and Liam likes Zayn, Niall is wise, and they all go to the zoo.

+Up To No Good~Harry doesn’t think of himself as a womanizer, not at all. Sure, he enjoys sex, enjoys how women feel underneath him, and by some people’s standards he has sex with quite a lot of people, but that’s no reason to tell him that he can’t have a female PA anymore.It’s especially no excuse for giving him a male PA who’s possibly the most gorgeous boy in the world who won’t even let Harry look at him for too long.Sometimes Harry hates his life.


Landslide~The year is 1976. In November, Jimmy Carter will take control of the White House. Americans are meeting Laverne & Shirley at their apartment in Milwaukee. Hotel California diverges from the reign of Kool & the Gang. And the FBI is still reeling from the repercussions of Watergate, the tragedy at Wounded Knee, Operation Family Secrets, and the strategic terrors of the anti-cult movement.That’s what Special Agent Harry Styles has been told is the basis of his mission to an abandoned farmhouse in rural New Hampshire.With his hair grown out long and his shirt untucked, he’s going undercover to do reconnaissance on suspected cult leader Louis Tomlinson, who has led a group of people out into the middle of nowhere, leaving no record of the life he’d had before. All Harry knows is what the agency gave him: Tomlinson’s name, and instructions to figure out what he’s doing with the eleven people he brought with him.In the year that Harry spends undercover and under Louis Tomlinson’s wing, he learns more than he ever expected.

+Truth Be Told (I Never Was Yours)~Harry’s watching Louis as he scrunches up his nose and bites the end of a pen in concentration. He’s been working on seating arrangements for the past hour and getting more frustrated by the minute. Louis huffs out a breath and glances up at Harry with a soft smile on his lips before he returns to the task at hand. It’s easy, right then, for Harry to let himself believe that they’re planning a seating chart for their own wedding and bickering over who is going to sit where from a list of their own family members. He can let himself daydream about a white picket fence and a dog that they could have within the next year.

It’s like a cold slap in the face when Harry looks to the top of the page to see “Aiden and Louis Grimshaw” at the head table, and Harry has to mentally remind himself for the thousandth time that Louis is not his. Never was, really. He’s just the wedding planner that’s been in love with Louis since he was sixteen.

(or the one where Louis and Harry have a complicated past, Louis is getting married to someone that’s not Harry, and the universe has decided to have a laugh and make Harry the wedding planner.)

+The Flatmates~Harry is a cheeky Alpha who vows never to settle down.Louis is a hurt omega whose Alpha died just before they could bond officially. Zayn is an artistic Alpha who doesn’t understand privacy, or personal space.Liam is a curious Beta who is convinced the world is going to end.And Niall is an Irish, drunk Beta who keeps falling asleep randomly without finishing his sentences….he might also suffer from narcolepsy. None of the lads know for sure. Or The story where five lads all respond to the same ad about an available flat and move in.

Baby Heaven’s in your Eyes~They couldn’t be more different if they tried. Louis Tomlinson is 17 years old and in his last year of the most prestigious private school in Doncaster. Everyone who attends his school knows him thanks to his incredibly rich family, sassy attitude and gorgeous girlfriend, Eleanor Calder. If there’s one thing that completely annoys him, it’s that there is a poor community college right across the street.Harry Styles is 19 years old, and (once again) in his last year of college. He goes to community college in Doncaster. He never shows up to classes and if he actually bothers to, he’s either high or drunk; sometimes both. His skin is littered with tattoos and if there’s one thing he absolutely hates, it’s the snobby students attending the private school right across from his. Or a sixth form!AU where Harry is the fucked up bad boy with too many problems, Louis is the perfect rich boy with too much money and their schools are right across from each other. They meet at a party and that’s

+We’re Okay~It’s funny, really, that their lives hadn’t intercepted before that point. That all it took was one little thing that set off a chain reaction of circumstances which led them all to each other. But it was for the best, really, because in the end, with each other, they were all okay. And if you asked them, the whole thing could be blamed on Liam sleeping in, for once in his life.

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Yes You Make My Life Worthwhile -AO3, Oneshot (9.6k), fluff, smut 

Harry whispers to him that this feels like every dream he’s had for the last three years and Louis kisses his temple, behind his ear, across his cheeks and by the edge of his jaw. He runs the back of his finger across Winnie’s sleep-warm cheeks and sighs, the weight of the world finally off his shoulder.

Louis’ a pediatrician, Harry’s a preschooler teacher, and they’re having a baby.


remember swine flu reblog if ur a tru 2009 kid

Rinse and repeat


"He quite likes the fact that this new flat is smaller than the previous one. He can pretend he’s playing at the garden fort he had when he was a kid. Surrounded by piles of boxes that he plans on sorting out… never, he can simply imagine he’s nine again. No responsibilities, other than taking care of his girls. Yes, he misses that. Being a grown-up is far too complicated and he’s still not quite sure what even is happening to his personal space-time continuum. He was sixteen like two days ago and all of the sudden he’s twenty-three, skint (how exactly is he going to pay rent without a flatmate?), far away from home and nowhere near international stardom."

AU in which Louis is a musical theatre actor who wants a castle and instead gets Harry, his hot neighbour, who studies Law and lives with his little niece.

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